SunshinePHP Conference - February 8th-10th, 2018

It's warm and sunny in Florida. Take a break from the cold to enjoy some sunshine, and talk about PHP!


Below is a full listing of the keynotes to be presented during the conference from February 9th to 10th, 2018.

Apple, Butter, Darmok: A communications primer for developers

Cal Evans

Star Trek, NATO, and kids party games; all of these things have one thing in common, communications. As a developer, learning to properly communicate is second only to learning to code in importance. Many of us however, learn to communicate our ideas long after we learn to code.

In this opening talk, we'll discuss four important lessons to learn if you want to be able to properly and efficiently communicate your ideas with others.

Come join us for "Apple, Butter, Darmok: A communications primer for developers"


Federico Lara


Forget accessibility - Think inclusive design

Nicolas Steenhout

Nicolas speaks about accessibility for people with disabilities, the current efforts by so many projects and conferences to include diversity, and how the term "accessibility" can create an "us vs them" mindset that doesn't benefit anyone. Using his experience working with people with disabilities and working on several FOSS projects and anecdotes, He'll paint a picture of where we've been, where we're at, and what the future may look like.

How to Communicate When You are from Mars and the Business is from Venus

Nancy Gaines

Ever struggle getting the other team to understand you? Do you speak ‘techie’ while they speak ‘business’? Stop the language clash and frustrating misunderstandings with one simple technique. Discover how to communicate with ease, get what you want, and be more productive when working in Technology.

How to Go from Developer to Stakeholder

Ann Gaffigan

Technology is everything these days, and your skills as a developer are in high demand. How can you leverage your unique skill set and understanding of technology to climb the ranks in your company beyond “just a developer?” Ann will tell her story of going from underpaid full-time developer, to broke freelancer, to entrepreneur, and finally to partner and CTO. More importantly, she’ll tell you what she learned along the way about the art of persuasion, transparency as a trojan horse, indispensability, confidence, standing your ground, and ultimately how to be treated and respected as a leader and not an employee. Disclaimer: I cannot confirm or deny that I have a problem with authority and a thirst for power.